segunda-feira, novembro 16, 2009

Goiânia is the Rock City!

The independent rock scene don't stop to grow in Goiânia, capital of Goiás in Brazil. Hundreds of bands hit the road every year. They are preparing for the fifteenth Goiânia Noise Festival and making loud sound.

The guys from Bang Bang Babies played at the studio and stoped for a beer at the Kuka's bar, the bar of a legend of the city, Kuka. This man knows everything about the scene, and his bar plays only rock'n roll. Johnny Suxxx and Fucking Boys made a great rehearsal and took me to the Metropolis for a gig. As Kuka says, Goiânia is the rock city.

Vídeo de Gustavo Pellizzon - fotógrado do jornal O Globo,

produzido durante sua recente visita à Goiânia.

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